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The stabilizer bar tie rod, o longitudinal connecting rod, is part of the car suspension system and specifically supports the arms subjected to loads in the longitudinal direction, when accelerating or braking or in the other operating conditions.

The best performing materials are used for our products.
Furthermore, on the whole range, our highly qualified and up-to-date technicians  three-dimensional checks with latest generation Zeiss machinery are carried out.

The OMG range includes products with a quality comparable to that of the original components and with the same quality standards as the original equipment.

Tensile tests on the welds of these components are carried out with gradually increasing stresses with periodic frequency, applying loads with hydraulic machinery up to the breakage of the junction points of the tie rods to ensure the welds are of a sufficiently high quality.

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The stabiliser bar link helps define the vehicle's alignment on the road, following the roughness of the road surface and defining the kinematics and dynamics of the arm and suspension unit.
It is a fundamental component for ensuring the car is stable and for providing a smooth ride in total safety.

This part is inserted into the vehicle body through the bushings of the stabilizer bar which are connected to the front suspension control arm.
When "clashing" noises are heard near the tyre, especially when cornering and on bumps, it probably means that the part is damaged and also the maneuverability and steering of the vehicle are compromised.

Anti-roll bar links are complementary in OMG's linkage and suspension range.
New codes are developed every year to provide the customer with the most up-to-date and complete range.

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