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OMG produces i suspension arms in the different shapes and characteristics, always following the technical characteristics and construction typology of the original ones.
I suspension arms they can be made of steel or aluminum sheet, welded or single sheet, forged steel, pressed aluminum, or again in cast iron, high strength steel or alloys of aluminum.

OMG suspension arms are always produced respecting the use of materials that conform to the original.
The product is tested in the same in-house lab as the products supplied for the OE.

For this reason OMG has developed important guidelines and specifications to produce a quality and guaranteed suspension arm.

The arms are checked according to the drawing and the tolerances in the specifications are very limited, in compliance with the high quality standards that the product requires.

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I suspension arms are OMG's workhorse: from the design and development of the moulds, through rapid prototyping useful for dimensional checks and preliminary tests, up to production.
They differ in shape from the front arms because the rear wheels are not steerable.
The rear suspension arms also are subjected to heavy loads and due to their position in the car they are also subject to contact with debris deriving from the asphalt and road.

The arms are assembled with silent blocks and, if provided in the OE, with the joints. In the development, design and production of suspension arms, OMG always keeps in mind the importance of the function of the component in the vehicle which has a significant role in the safety of the suspension system and therefore of the car and its passengers as a whole.

We always recommend using products equivalent to the original when replacing the component, even and above all if the car has a high mileage or is a car that is many years old.

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