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The oil sump has the function of containing the oil that lubricates the engine parts.
It is replaced when damaged as a result of accidents or minor impacts.

OMG has been producing oil sumps for 40 years and are sold all over the world.

OMG products are compliant with safety standards .
We regularly monitor and test safety, quality to ensure the reliability of each component we produce.

The oil sumps are 100% checked and faithfully reproduce the original components, which are devised using reverse engineering and subsequently produced according to OMG specifications and standards.

It is particularly important that the oil sump does not vibrate and interfere with other engine components, and for this reason, OMG respects strict tolerance parameters in its production.

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It is located in the lower part of the engine, and can be damaged because it is very close to the tarmac.
Normal checks look for leaks or damage that could be dangerous and put the driver's safety at risk.
If you notice oil spots under the car, you should stop the vehicle and check for a possible problem to avoid serious damage to the engine parts.

It is essential that the oil sumps are made using high-performance steels and without burrs in the moulding process.
The oil sumps are made from steel sheet using hydraulic presses or die-cast aluminium, always following the construction type of the original piece.

We export our oil sumps all over the world.
Our oil pans are a guaranteed for the entire life of the car.

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