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The silentblock is an extremely important component within the vehicle suspension range.
It is in fact that element which is responsible for absorbing and reducing the impacts of vibrations and any shocks relating to the oscillations of the mechanical components.

For this we choose only suppliers of materials e certified components and di first level.

For an excellent performance and durability of a good silentblock it is essential to use high-performance rubber and iron materials which, subjected to wear and tear, maintain the technical characteristics unchanged for the which they were designed.

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A silentblock that works badly is detected by the presence of an annoying noise in the suspension stress phase.

It is in fact subjected to important loads and stresses and plays a key role in the anchoring system of the arm to the frame.
Due to its position it can be contaminated by debris deriving from the asphalt and the road and therefore must be particularly protected to prevent external elements from infiltrating inside the component thus creating an interaction with the mechanism.

The silentblock is sold on its own or already mounted on the arms like the original component.
OMG also sells components on their own to make it easier to replace just the arm or just the silentblock.
To test the product, OMG uses tests and labs, including external ones, to subject it to maximum stress and thus ensure the best possible performance and a long life.

In case of replacement of solo silentblock we recommend the replacement performed only by expert mechanics.

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