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OMG produces i suspension arms in the different shapes and characteristics, always following the technical specifications and the construction typology of the original ones.
I suspension arms they can be in steel or aluminum sheet, welded or single sheet, forged in steel, pressed in aluminum or again in cast iron, high-strength steel or aluminum alloys aluminum.

OMG uses and pursues strict quality standards of the original with particular attention to the details of the manufacturing process and testing of individual components.

These range from the simplest to triangular or trapezoidal shapes, even of complex construction, assembled with joints and bushings, designed and manufactured with highly performing and always cutting-edge materials, in order to ensure firm and safe sealing and fixing to the car.

The reliability of having a suspension arm meticulously checked and tested is, for the safety of the driver, paramount.

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I suspension arms are the workhorse of OMG: from the design and development of the moulds, passing through the rapid prototyping useful for checks preliminary tests, up to production.

Thanks to the know-how acquired with the experience of more than 70 years in the engineering sector and thanks to the team of qualified engineers and technicians present in the technical office and in the quality department, which make up the team Aftermarket, OMG is able to guarantee the maintenance of high quality standards of its flagship product: i suspension arms .

Quality, acceptance of arrivals and metrological laboratory are essential for the creation of un product of excellence, supplied for years to the largest global players in the Aftermarket.

More than 1500 items and more than 100 new codes every year.


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since 1949

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