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The rear stabilizer is a component that is part of the suspension and good functioning helps to ensure the stability and trim of the car, keeping the car in the correct trim both in straight lines and in curves.

We boast a technical organization of excellence and we have set ourselves as our main target the obtainment of a product with the characteristics equivalent to the original e with the same functionality and same fields of application.

Its fundamental function, within the wheel assembly, has led OMG to concentrate laboratory and study activities on verifying this element.

Each component of the rear stabilizer is also tested thanks to the use of Zeiss machines for three-dimensional reliefs of medium and even small-sized parts.

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Due to the elastokinematic characteristics of the suspension, it is essential that the rigidity of the system is concentrated in the elastic elements, such as the rear stabiliser.
The stabiliser is a small but vital component in the suspension and steering system for the rear part of the vehicle.
Its correct use and its replacement, when necessary, can provide better control of the vehicle and create an excellent combination for a comfortable but also dynamic ride.

We would like to remind you that the suspensions and the steering cannot be considered separate systems, in fact, when the wheel shakes, the front steering arm, as well as the rear stabiliser, follow a set trajectory, which involves variations in the steering angle (convergence), which has an enormous effect on how the vehicle behaves.

We work and develop our products with demanding customers who ask us for a product that uses the same high strength materials exactly like the original.

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