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The axial joint, also known as “axial joint” is located on the outside of the steering box.
Modern control systems are equipped with axial or radial hinges.

Precisely for this reason, our products are periodically carried out by highly qualified and updated technicians three-dimensional checks with latest generation Zeiss machinery.

The range of joints/axial rods completes the already wide range of OMG products.
The OMG range offers a product with a standard comparable to the  quality of the original equipment.

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Joints need to support, transmit and resist axial forces of thousands of kg.
Each wheel of the front axle is controlled by a respective rod, which is located between the steering mechanism and the steering lever. The driver cannot steer without this component.

These joints are subjected to the stresses in operation every day and this requires a correct and careful choice of materials.
Being a component that is continuously subjected to stress, with time and progressive wear it is not unusual to hear a particular noise (similar to a "metal sizzling") and perceive a certain play on the steering wheel: it is the signal that indicates moment in which it becomes advisable to replace the axial joints.

OMG works constantly to offer and guarantee excellent support to the car suspension unit, also analyzing the circulation of all manufacturers, in order to make the range more and more complete.

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