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Thanks to the use of first quality components individually tested in the metrological laboratory and to assembly tests repeated over time, the range of suspension support joints is a reliable and guaranteed product.

The technical baggage acquired by qualified and professionally trained personnel, with the experience of original equipment has always guided the development of our products OMG Aftermarket.

We take care of the samples which are the final product of the commitment pursued by our Team from the design phase, to engineering up to the production of the first sample.
Customer satisfaction always comes first.

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In the development and engineering of the product, the introduction in the metrological laboratory of a mechanical and pneumatic machine equipped with a load cell and a dynamometer was fundamental on which, by setting the reference values and applying a given force with predefined parameters, both in compression and in traction, it is possible to carry out tests (such as the stiffness test) to keep the axial play of the joint pin under control both on loose pieces and on joints already assembled on the arms.

The values obtained, compared with reference tables and with the standard values required by customer specifications, allow us to accompany the technical documentation that is attached to the normal certifications with the results of the stiffness test, a fundamental requirement required by the most demanding customers.

All personnel is constantly trained and updated with internal training sessions and external training also at our customers.

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