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OMG was founded in 1949 by the brothers Giordano Bruno, Romo and Sandro a Feletto a few kilometers from Turin. It is a small mechanical workshop, which produces hinges for camping tables and chairs but soon, the determination and experience gained by the founders, in the mechanical sector, is put to good use in the automotive sector

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From the 60s, thanks to the economic boom in Italy, with the Fiat 500 and 600 icons, OMG achieved notoriety in the aftermarket, with the production of suspension arms and quickly becomes undisputed leader in steering linkage and suspension components. OMG aims at developing innovative products in the mechanical sector, at the constant search for technological innovation of materials and manufacturing processes that will soon become the insights for the development of prestigious customers such as Lancia and Iveco supplied as Tier 1.


Thanks to the skills and specialization in the cold deformation of sheet metal using mechanical and hydraulic presses and relative welding, OMG acquires new customers and collaborations with leading national companies. They are the years of entry into the company of the second generation, Giuseppe Giordano and Franco Collodoro with their respective daughters of the founders. With them the business expansion strategy is clear and defined e OMG begins to approach the international markets of the automotive sector.


At the beginning of the 80s, the company moved to the new headquarters in Lusiglié, thanks to which it will be possible to expand the range and increase production volumes, thus taking off towards constant growth in turnover and number of employees. With the production of suspension arms for Volkswagen cars, primarily the Golf, and Mercedes OMG signs collaborations with important German customers.


In the 90s, OMG conquered new market shares thanks also to the first CNC machining line which in the meantime supports the sheet metal forming and stamping department affected by new investments in presses and robotic welding lines. Consequently, it was also necessary to increase the production spaces and OMG in the second half of the 1990s went from 5,300 covered m2 to ad over 10,000 m2. In this decade the company obtains ISO 9001 certification.


With the arrival of the third generation, the families Giordano, Collodoro and Spezzati lead the company towards international expansion  la based in Poland to produce and serve the Central and Northern European markets. In recent years the aftermarket market is in full evolution and OMG produces and distributes the products of the steering linkage and suspension to the major international players. Investments in the Lusigliè headquarters continue steadily both for latest generation machinery and for the real estate part. In this decade OMG increased its covered area up to 16,000 m2.


The expansion of OMG continued and it opened a new factory in Spain to serve IVECO, thereby consolidating the position of strategic supplier to this Group. During these years, OMG began working with an important client, a leader in the production of water pumps, thus diversifying the OMG range, and a new business unit dedicated to hydraulics was opened.


Since 2020, OMG has expanded and strengthened the Business Unit Aftermarket studying a new image, creating a new brand, strengthening logistics, introducing a new and more complete range and with a Competent and dedicated aftermarket. It places its presence within the main Aftermarket portals, Inforicambi for the Doc national and Tec market.

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