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The steering head is the connection between the axle joint and the front wheels and transmits the force from the gear to the rack, up to the steering joint and the direction movement of the vehicle.
It is therefore the device through which it is possible to control and impose the steering angle to the wheels of the vehicle.

Precisely for this reason our highly qualified technicians periodically carry out three-dimensional checks with latest generation Zeiss machinery.

OMG with its current range of products is able to cover the majority of applications for European vehicles and beyond and to provide a product with characteristics such as to be easily compared to the original parts, products developed with an original equipment quality standard from a company that believes in Quality.

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The steering head, protected by rubber caps which have the task of safeguarding the product from dirt, dust and particulates, is tightened with the use of bolts.
These elements withstand considerable vibrations in operation and maintain the stability of the motor vehicle when running, even and above all on roads with an uneven and disconnected road surface.

It is necessary to pay attention to the steering devices when they are worn because they can cause an incorrect steering play, making wheel movements unsafe and unreliable.
The heads, subjected to constant stress, are therefore subject to wear and tear and replacement during routine vehicle maintenance is strongly recommended, to ensure vehicle safety.

OMG has long been committed to offering and guaranteeing excellent service on the car suspension unit, analyzing the circulation of all manufacturers.

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